Keto Diet. How To Start?

кето диета как начать, keto diet how to start, кето диета

Suppose you have learned the basics of keto diet and eager to start this path to a better version of yourself. However, the transition to a new type of eating requires serious preparation.

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Mom’s Doing Keto

мама на кето, кето диета, mom's doing keto

Picture this: You have decided to switch to a keto diet, eliminated all forbidden products from your fridge and kitchen cabinets, bought everything necessary, and downloaded a gazillion recipes…

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Keto Challenge Day 15

keto challenge day 15, кето челлендж день 15

This is my third keto week. My diet isn’t causing me any trouble. I eat tasty, nourishing, and diverse food. I manage to walk some 4-5km a day on average. Meditating, in turn, isn’t going as smoothly. I never managed to make myself do it, except for the shavasana before going to sleep. I realized…

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Keto Challenge Day 7

кето челлендж день 7, keto challenge day 7

This is the end of the first keto challenge week out of 12. It’s time to review the results and plan the next week. One step at a time. So, the results…

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Keto Challenge Day 3

journal, журнал, кето челлендж день 3, keto challenge day 3

Well… It’s day 3 of my project. I’m still on track. It pleases me to see minus 1kg on my scales, but this isn’t my main goal. It’s just a lovely side effect. I am full of energy. I don’t feel hungry at all. I don’t like going to the gym, which is why I…

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My Keto Challenge

кето челлендж, keto challenge

Friends! I have begun the 12-week keto challenge designed by me for people with diabetes and glucose intolerance, as well as for everyone else who would like to lead a healthier lifestyle and live a long and happy life. I am going to follow a keto diet, drink a lot (of water, naturally), integrate physical…

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