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I am Tanya Krezevska, the recipe developer,  the chef, coach, and an owner of A Bunch of Spinach, a food blog devoted to everyone suffering from diabetes, watching their weight or simply wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A Bunch of Spinach is about following a low-carb diet based primarily on whole, unprocessed foods with lots of veggies and no added sugar. I started creating these recipes to improve my own health and I hope my blog will help others change their lives for the best as well.

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My story

In 2014, I was diagnosed with type II diabetes. For four years, I tried to scrupulously follow my doctors' advice regarding my treatment and eating. Unfortunately, my blood sugar decided to grow, despite all my best efforts.

I was gripped by fear. I started researching cases when people managed to sustain a good level of blood sugar and even go into remission. And I succeeded. Their secret was simple, reducing the consumption of carbs as much as possible and increasing the fat intake. I decided to give it a try.

In June 2018, I began to follow a low carb diet.
Following my doctor's advice, rather than jump in at the deep end, I opted for the mild scheme involving the consumption of approximately 45-50g of carbs a day. It wasn't long before I saw the result.

In a couple of months, I felt much better, my glycated haemoglobin values dropped, my energy levels increased significantly, I dropped a couple of sizes and was able to wear my clothes from 10 years ago again...

My project

All in all, I realized that I cannot keep this secret. This diet is so effective that I must tell about it. This is how Bunch of Spinach came to be.

At first, not everything was going right. The ingredients seemed quirky, the ways of cooking them were a mystery. Even my culinary education was of little help, especially when it came to baked goods. But what mattered was getting started!

Nowadays, I can effortlessly 'translate' my favourite recipes to fit the keto cuisine. Some of them have become my personal hits, winning the favour of all my family members (who don't follow a low carb diet).

I am constantly on the lookout for new recipe ideas. I find inspiration in travelling, talking to great people, experimenting with unusual products.
I want my recipes to be vivid and extraordinary, featuring an unforgettable flavour, I am sure you'll like them!


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