Keto Challenge Day 15

keto challenge day 15, кето челлендж день 15

This is my third keto week. My diet isn’t causing me any trouble. I eat tasty, nourishing, and diverse food. I manage to walk some 4-5km a day on average. Meditating, in turn, isn’t going as smoothly. I never managed to make myself do it, except for the shavasana before going to sleep. I realized…

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Keto Challenge Day 7

кето челлендж день 7, keto challenge day 7

This is the end of the first keto challenge week out of 12. It’s time to review the results and plan the next week. One step at a time. So, the results…

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Keto Challenge Day 3

journal, журнал, кето челлендж день 3, keto challenge day 3

Well… It’s day 3 of my project. I’m still on track. It pleases me to see minus 1kg on my scales, but this isn’t my main goal. It’s just a lovely side effect. I am full of energy. I don’t feel hungry at all. I don’t like going to the gym, which is why I…

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My Keto Challenge

кето челлендж, keto challenge

Friends! I have begun the 12-week keto challenge designed by me for people with diabetes and glucose intolerance, as well as for everyone else who would like to lead a healthier lifestyle and live a long and happy life. I am going to follow a keto diet, drink a lot (of water, naturally), integrate physical…

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