Cabbage Pancakes

капустные блинчики, кето завтрак, cabbage pancakes

Cabbage pancakes are delicious, hearty and quick keto breakfast. They are also good as a side dish for meat or fish. The main thing is not to choose too hard cabbage. Best of all, young white-headed, or Savoy cabbage.

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Crunchy Coconut Keto Granola

Crunchy Coconut Keto Granola, Кокосовая Кето Гранола

This Crunchy Coconut Keto Granola is full of flavor and different textures. It’s completely sugar free and contains only 2 g of net carbs per portion that makes it perfect for those who are on a low-carb diet. Crunchy coconut granola is an excellent option for breakfast, afternoon snack or as a topping for warm fruit salads and crisps.

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