Low Carb Seafood Pizza

As you already understood, on keto we do not give up our favorite dishes from the “past life”, but simply remake them in a new way. This low carb seafood pizza is just that case.

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Best Keto Bread

идеальный кето хлеб, best keto bread

What I am terribly lacking on keto is a bread. Well, you know, like Italian ciabatta, with a crispy crust on the outside and soft and tender flesh  inside.

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Flourless Paleo Bread

Flourless Paleo Bread, Палео Хлеб без Муки

The recipe for the flourless paleo bread, also called Nordic Stoneage Bread, came to us from Scandinavia. Made from whole nuts and seeds, it’s incrediblly filling and delicious, and packed full with protein, fiber and healthy fats…

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Low Carb Garlic Naan

Чесночный Кето Наан, кето хлеб

Being a big fan of all sorts of curries, I can’t imagine them without naan, chapati or any other flatbread. Since I started to watch my carbs, I really missed the simple bread to scoop out stews and curries, dip into sauces or soups. This low carb garlic naan recipe is a real find for me. The taste and consistency, of course, differ, but nevertheless it is not so bad. Even my husband, who can afford to eat normal food and usually very skeptical about what I’m forcing him to try, said this bread is delicious!

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